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Conduct one-on-one video calls — invite, schedule, and cancel participants.

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At CleverX, you will find amazing experts and industry’s leading professionals coming from different backgrounds, demographics, and experiences to share their real-time insights and learnings.

This becomes fast and easy when you do it in real-time over video calls. From learning insights to collaborating on projects, taking guidance from experts, or consulting, the possibilities are beyond the limit.

The best thing is that you are charged per minute, i.e., you pay for every minute you spend with your expert. This ensures transparency in the amount charged and helps you keep track of the minutes spent.

Follow this guide to learn more about video calls at CleverX.

How can you schedule video calls on CleverX?

On your account dashboard, you will find the option to create a new project.

On clicking the option ‘research interviews’, you will be taken to a new page which will look like

Follow the process to get started.

  • Select your preferred date and time to schedule your call.

  • Select the platform you want to use for this call.

  • To proceed further, please ensure that the platform you are selecting is connected to your CleverX account.

  • Add call details like name & description — this will give an idea to the experts you would be inviting to the call.

  • Proceed with the payment to book the call from your end.

>>> You can further edit the call details if needed.

>>> It is recommended to add the call to your calendar to keep it synchronized with your schedule.

How can you invite more people to the call?

Even though you are scheduling a 1:1 call, you can invite other people. Simply click on the ‘invite others’ option to send a meeting link to other people.

How can you invite experts to any existing project?

Instead of creating a new project, simply click on ‘invite experts to old projects’ and follow the same steps from there.

How can you schedule multiple calls at the same time?

If you are required to schedule multiple calls for the same project, instead of scheduling them one by one, you can schedule them at the same time. Follow the same steps mentioned earlier and simply click on multiple experts’ names after you have selected a platform to conduct the meeting.

Why should you choose CleverX over other platforms?

You may select Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams to conduct your video call; however, it is recommended to select CleverX to do the same.

Why? There is an option to get the recording of the call later. Further, you can schedule, reschedule or cancel the calls as per your availability.

How are you charged?

Making payments on CleverX is very easy and hassle-free. You can make payments by either adding your recharging your CleverX wallet or Stripe by adding your card details.

Video calls are charged by the number of minutes you do call; i.e., you pay by the minute. The clock ticks only when the client and the expert are both on the call.

Here is an example to explain it:

Let's assume that the per-minute rate of an expert is $5, and the call is booked for 1:00 PM.

The client joins the call at 1:00:00 PM. (Clock will not start ticking until the expert joins too)

Now the expert joins at 1:04:20 PM. The clock starts ticking now.

If the expert or client leaves in the middle, the clock will pause, and the time will not count towards the billing.

Suppose one of them leaves at 1:10:50 PM. The total time on the clock will be 6 minutes and 30 seconds.

Only when they join the call again, the clock starts ticking again.

Now, if the call is completed at 1:10:50 PM and the person who left does not join the video call again. The video call is billed only for 6 minutes and 30 seconds at $5 per minute.

The calculation happens as follows:

6 minutes and 30 seconds are equal to 390 seconds.

Total money charged = Expert's per minute rate * Total time in seconds / 60

In this case, that will be 5*390/60 = $32.50

You will be charged $32.50 for this call.

Cancellation policies:

In case of cancellations, the amount is refunded back to your CleverX wallet, which can be used further for conducting other calls.

To know how CleverX wallet works, click here.

What are the integrations available?

CleverX integrations let you use other tools, services, or automation, ensuring that your work is not hindered by any means. These integrations allow you to add and synchronize your existing data on other tools directly with CleverX.

To provide a seamless experience, we offer integrations like:

  • Zoom

  • Google Meet

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Calendar

To learn more about CleverX integrations, click here.

Which one of the above is recommended?

You can choose to connect any of the mentioned integrations at your convenience; however, conducting calls on CleverX’s platform would be more recommended for the following reasons:

  • Seamless experience,

  • You can download the call recording afterward.

What is the availability feature?

With the availability feature, experts can book calls with you according to your free time slots. You can share a scheduling link or invite experts to pick a slot according to your availability.

In case you or the expert cannot find a commonly convenient time slot or wish to reschedule it later, you can always chat using CleverX inbox and decide on a time and can change the slot manually later.

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