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How do surveys work?
How do surveys work?

Conduct surveys — learn how to add participants, process the payouts and execute a smooth survey.

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On CleverX, you can run surveys and get real-time data from hard-to-find experts.


To make it easier, we enable our users to integrate the tools that they are already using. You can integrate your existing survey tools, like SurveyMonkey, Typeform, etc., and run your surveys.


CleverX handles the payouts and fees for you.

Only pay for what you need:

You can select payout per response, i.e., you only pay for responses that are being recorded as successful and completed.

You can put a limit to your survey, thus deciding the total responses that you need. The survey will automatically stop running after reaching your desired threshold number.

Surveys are visible to everyone, i.e., you can invite experts, but users who are not invited can also apply — giving you an option of either accepting or rejecting their survey requests.


To get a rich data-backed survey, you can put multiple eligibility criteria to your surveys, ensuring that your participants meet certain expectations for your study.

Filtering out:

While inviting users, you can filter out your audience by location, industry, skills, past/ present experience, expertise, etc. This ensures that your study panel is exactly the kind of audience it demands.

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