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Creating & Managing Profiles @ CleverX
Creating & Managing Profiles @ CleverX

Learn creating & deleting profile on CleverX, using LinkedIn to import data, and setting rates.

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At CleverX, you will find amazing experts and industry’s leading professionals coming from different backgrounds, demographics, and experiences to share their real-time insights and learnings.

To collaborate with these professionals, you are recommended to keep your CleverX profile up-to-date, as it’d help in discovering your profile faster.

This guide will help you understand how you can create and manage your CleverX profile.

How can you create a profile at CleverX?

You can simply follow this link to create a profile at CleverX. You can sign up either with:

  • Google, or

  • LinkedIn.

  • Alternatively, you can also sign up with other email addresses.

>>> Pro tip: We recommend using your personal email address instead of your work email address so that you don’t ever lose access to your account even after you decide to switch your organization.

Please note that you can also change your email address after signing up.

How to use LinkedIn to import your information?

By importing your LinkedIn profile data, you can add all the information automatically to your CleverX profile without going through the manual process.

You will find the option to import your LinkedIn profile data right after creating your CleverX profile.

If you want to edit/ add more details to it, you can still do it after the import is done successfully.

Please note that your LinkedIn profile has to be in public mode to let the import happen. Private profiles, however, won’t support the import process.

Editing imported data from LinkedIn:

Even if you import your profile data from LinkedIn, CleverX lets you further edit those details; i.e., you can decide which information you want to keep and which ones you want to remove from the profile.

After the import is successfully completed, you will find the option to verify your details and add/ remove them.

Disconnecting LinkedIn from your CleverX account:

If you wish to remove/ disconnect Linkedin from your CleverX profile, simply go to settings and click on integrations. Click on LinkedIn and disconnect it.

After disconnecting your CleverX profile from your LinkedIn profile, we recommend verifying your details again.

What are the mandatory details that must be added?

These are some of the mandatory segments that we would suggest you adding to your CleverX profile:

  • Name & location

  • Languages

  • Company & role

  • Industry & expertise

  • Education

  • Awards & publications, and

  • Charges.

Please try to be as thorough as possible.

>>> Consider adding an outstanding headline. Have a clear profile photo. Add more details to work & previous roles. Tell the community what sets you apart from others and why you should be anyone’s first choice.

What is the minimum & maximum rate that you can set?

The minimum & maximum minute rate is $1 & $12, and the hourly rates for the same are $60 & $600, respectively.

Please note that your rate should also depend on your experience and skills.

How to make your CleverX profile private?

To make your CleverX profile private, click on your profile picture at the top right, i.e., go to your account settings — you will find the option there.

Turning it off means that your profile will not be visible in CleverX search and web search results (Google, Bing, etc.). Remember, Google and other public search engines may take a few days to a few weeks to remove or add your profile back to their search results. Anyone with a direct link to your profile can still see your profile and send you a message.

Please note that you can always change your profile settings and make it public.

How to delete your CleverX profile?

To delete your CleverX profile, go to your account settings. You can find this option under your profile dropdown section. You will find the option to delete your account at the bottom.

Please note that deleting your profile will remove all account information, transaction data, and message history permanently. Once done, it is irreversible to get your account data back again.

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