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Integrations @ CleverX

Collaborate seamlessly; learn and use tools to make your work easier.

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At CleverX, you will find amazing experts and industry’s leading professionals coming from different backgrounds, demographics, and experiences to share their real-time insights and learnings.

To collaborate with these professionals seamlessly, we offer an array of integrations that you can use.

Let’s take a look at the integrations that we offer at CleverX.

What are the integrations available?

So far, we offer the following integrations to our users.

For surveys:

  • Survey Monkey, and

  • Typeform.

>>> Pro tip: If you don’t find your preferred integration in the list, you can enter the survey link manually.

Please note that you can also change your email address after signing up.

For video calls:

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Google Meet

  • Zoom

  • Outlook Calendar, and

  • Google Calendar.

>>> Pro tip: Though you can select any platform for scheduling the meetings, conducting calls on CleverX’s platform would be more recommended for the following reasons:

  • Seamless experience,

  • You can download the call recording afterward.

For setting up CleverX profiles:

  • Google, and

  • LinkedIn.

>>> Pro tip: By importing your LinkedIn profile data, you can add all the information automatically to your CleverX profile without going through the manual process.

For setting up payment methods:

  • Stripe.

>>> Please note that CleverX doesn’t store any of your payment information. To learn more about our privacy policies, please visit this page.

To learn more about Stripe’s privacy policy, you can follow this link.

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