Surveys @ CleverX?

How surveys work at CleverX? How to invite participants and setup payout? What are the common practices to make a survey successful?

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At CleverX, you will find amazing experts and industry’s leading professionals coming from different backgrounds, demographics, and experiences to share their real-time insights and learnings.

Every study that is conducted on CleverX is shared with participants and experts who are screened and verified thoroughly. We believe in building real relationships and connections with learnings that yield a better impact for everyone.

How can you conduct surveys with CleverX?

On your account dashboard, you will find the option to create a new project.

On clicking the option ‘survey’, you will be taken to a new page which will look like

Here you can integrate your preferred survey tool, i.e., — Typeform or Survey Monkey. The page should look like this:

If you don’t find your preferred integration in the list, you can enter the survey link manually.

After connecting to the survey tool, you can view all your existing surveys.

In case you import an existing survey, this is how it should look like

  • Select the survey(s) that you would like to run on CleverX.

  • Click on next and verify the basic details to proceed. Here you can change the survey name and add notes to give participants a brief overview of your study and specific recruitment criteria.

  • Upon clicking next, you will find additional details to fill which is highly recommended to give a clear idea to the participants.

  • Click next and further select the audience to proceed.

  • Once you have selected your audience, you can proceed next to setting your incentives.

  • Lastly, add start and end dates to your survey. You can start it immediately or set it to schedule for any chosen date.

  • Click next to checkout. Choose your preferred payment method to proceed.

You are all set to go now!

In case you don’t have an existing survey, you can create a new one in your survey tool, export it to CleverX, and follow the above-mentioned steps.

How to select your audience for conducting the surveys?

Selecting the right audience is very important for carrying out a successful survey. While looking for audiences, you will get two options: you can either select from your previously created list, OR you can create an entirely new set of audiences.

How to create a new set of audiences?

Click on the option ‘create new audience’.

>>> If you have not created an audience list ever before, you will find a couple of profile cards on your page.

  • You can search and filter people based on their expertise, experience, and industry.

  • To view each profile separately in detail, click on the card and view.

  • Once you have selected your relevant profiles, you can proceed further.

  • Next, set an incentive for your survey and choose your survey date.

  • As mentioned earlier, you can start your survey immediately or set it to schedule for any chosen date.

  • Lastly, proceed with the checkout process. To learn more about our payment methods, click here.

>>> If you have created an audience before, you will find some auto-generated lists based on your previous interaction with experts.

  • These suggestions will be segmented based on their industries.

  • You can check industry-wise or use filters to match with more relevant people.

  • Once you have selected your relevant profiles, you can set an incentive for them and proceed with the checkout process.

>>> If you simply want to proceed with your previously created sets of audiences, click on ‘choose an existing audience’ and click next.

  • From there, you can follow the same set of steps until you checkout.

How to edit surveys and keep a tap on the performance?

Once your survey is up and running, you can check its progress and the participants’ responses on a regular basis. To edit any survey:

  • Click on the survey.

  • You will be taken to the survey details and stats page, where you can monitor your survey’s performance.

There are three major segments to keep track of:

  • Details

  • Participants, and

  • Applicants

>>> When clicking on details, you will be sharing the overall survey details.

>>> You can check the total number of invites that have been sent and the conversions against them. Completed numbers tell you how many people have completed the survey successfully, while pending and fail implies the total number of surveys that were left in between and were recorded as failed attempts, respectively.

Below the survey stat, you will find the options to either pause the survey or end the survey. Please note that paused surveys can be resumed back again, while the surveys that have been marked as ended and completed cannot be resumed back.

Further, you can find the survey details, which will give you a summary preview of your survey. You can click on the edit button and change the segments that you wish to edit.

What are the edits that can be made after your survey is live?

You can change survey’s:

  • Name

  • Eligibility criteria

  • Length

  • End date

  • Total responses needed, and

  • Incentives

Other than these, you can also add/ remove/ reinvite, or terminate participants.

How to use exit links in your survey?

To enhance your survey and make it more transparent, we recommend using exit links to your surveys.

What are exit links?

Exit links take your participants to the final landing page they see after attempting your survey. If they complete the survey successfully, they will be notified that their responses have been successfully recorded. In case of termination, they will be notified about the same. If the quota is full, they will be notified of the same. And if the link is expired, they will also be notified of that.

What are single and multiple survey link types?

>>> Single survey links are basically the same link that is sent to all the participants for filling out the surveys. However, each survey link will have a unique code which will make them unique and trackable.

>>> Multiple survey links, on the other hand, are entirely different and unique links that are sent to each participant. Multiple survey links can be added to the survey tool using .csv upload. You can also download the sample template to get an idea of what your file should look like.

What are the common practices to make a survey successful?

Each survey has its own agenda, and that should be the first and foremost point to be noted. However, you can follow the below-mentioned suggestions to make them successful.

  • Add as much information as possible. The success rate of your survey highly depends on your transparency.

  • Add a good number to incentives. This will keep the participants’ spirits high.

  • Review applicants thoroughly before sending them the survey invites.

  • Consider the applicants who are interested in filling out your survey.

  • Use exit links.

  • Always use unique survey links as it helps in mapping the response to the expert. You can always follow up with them for more insights and discussions in that case.

Please note that the success rate of your survey also depends on the people you invite, their experience, demographics, job role, and length & type of survey.

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